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Tour Stonehenge and Bath

Visit the amazing site of Stonehenge and the local village of Avebury to see some of Europe's most famous prehistoric sites. After a trip to Lacock, an ideal place for lunch, we travel on to the City of Bath. See the Royal Crescent and learn why the city was celebrated by the Romans for its magical healing waters.

*Entrance Fees and Lunch Refreshments are not included in the price.

Tour Description

A chance to visit the ancient monument of Stonehenge and explore the Roman city of Bath.

Your Chauffeur will collect you from your hotel at 8:30am and drive you on to Stonehenge, with an approximate journey time of an hour and a half.

Stonehenge and Avebury

10:00am – 12:00 noon

In 1986, Stonehenge became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is possibly Europe’s most famous prehistoric monument, making it a must see tourist destination for many.

The structure we see today has been of great interest to historians and scientifically proven to date back to 3000BC. Some research into other findings around the site have revealed evidence of Mesolithic structures that date back even further.

The true purpose of Stonehenge and how they came to transport the giant stones that form the circles, some of which weigh 20 tons, still remains a mystery and is open to speculation. However, we are certain that the builders had a great understanding of Maths, Geometry and Astronomy. The stones have perfect alignment for the rising and setting of the sun, and the site is a point of pilgrimage for many wishing to celebrate the Summer and Winter Solstice.

Nearby, you also have the opportunity to visit the small village Avebury, that has a Neolithic Henge of its own. One of the fundamental differences of the Henge at Avebury, is that you can walk amongst the stones and imagine what life was like there 4500 years ago.


1:00pm – 2:00pm

The wonderfully picturesque village of Lacock makes an ideal location for luncheon. It has a mention in the 12th century Domesday Book and retains its historical charm.

The village is a firm favourite for Film and TV producers alike. Most notably, it appears in Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter and more recently the popular Downton Abbey.


2:30pm – 4:30pm (returning to London hotel at 6:30pm)

The city of Bath was very popular with the Romans, who appreciated the healing properties of the natural thermal waters. They constructed large open baths to harness the natural spring waters, which were later further extended into the Bath Houses we see today.

The Royal Crescent of Bath dates back to the Georgian period and is one of the most photographed facades of its time. As more people began to visit Bath, including the aristocracy, better accommodation was needed. The Royal Crescent remains to this day, one of the most exclusive places in England to live.

The streets of Bath are lined with Boutiques, Galleries, Antique Shops and Fine Restaurants. It is a fascinating city to stroll around whilst soaking up the atmosphere.

This city of perfectly preserved beauty is one of the best places to visit whilst in England.

Your round trip to Stonehenge and Bath will last around 10 hours. If you would like to add the services of a specialist ‘Blue Badge Guide’, who can provide even more insight into the places you are visiting, we can arrange this for you. An additional fee would apply.