Why Should I Choose Chauffeur Day Hire?

We believe that there are many reasons as to why you should use a chauffeur service, as a busy company ourselves, we understand that life can sometimes be full of ambivalence especially when it comes to travelling from one place to another. Even some of the smallest issues and situations like a flat tyre or a flat battery, busy traffic, road congestion, taking the wrong directions, or booking a taxi that doesn’t show can happen. This is where Van Marle come in.

This is where we can help, by hiring a personal driver. We agree it isn’t always the first thing to consider but trust us, hiring a chauffeur driving car can make a remarkable difference by turning what could be a stressful journey into a hassle-free experience.

An Exclusive Day Out

For any day out whether it’s lady’s day at the races or an office celebration at the F1 what could be more glamorous than arriving in style.

  • Feel glamorous arriving to your event in a luxury chauffuer driven vehicle
  • Enjoy the full experience including champers
  • No reason to leave early to avoid the mad rush at car park exits

Birthdays and Anniversaries

There are times in life that call for a celebration, for example birthdays, engagements etc. by hiring a chauffeur we believes its a small gesture to add something special to an already special occasion. Our chauffeurs can deliver you straight to the door and then pick you up whenever you’re ready to leave. As well as offering a glamorous way to travel, you can also avoid;

  • Booking a taxi which may not turn up
  • Finding a car parking space closer to then venue
  • A designated driver who wouldn’t be allowed to participate in celebratory events

Charming City Breaks

Many big cities tend to suffer from heavy traffic and congestion nearly all of the time, this makes them frustrating especially when it comes to driving around them. While we believe that this probably isn’t the best way to start your city break. By hiring a prestige chauffeur service such as Van Marle, you can;

  • Relax and chat during the journey without getting lost, leaving you stress free!
  • Avoid checking if your hotel has a car park or free parking
  • You won’t have to worry about parking your vehicle in busy, built up and high traffic areas that could put it at risk from dents and scratches

A Family Holiday

Everyone loves going on holiday, buy I bet a lot of us don’t enjoy the trip to and from the airport, travelling for your flight can be stressful and the journey home can be unsafe especially if you’ve had a late flight and haven’t had sleep or you’ve simply had a long flight in which you are jet lagged – take the stress out of your holiday by booking our chauffeur driven cars and ensure a magical holiday;

  • No need to worry about those family arguments that are usually caused from driving around new places and giving directions
  • There’ll be no distractions and discomfort that you may get from driving home


There are some significant events in your life which will be special and memorable and of course your wedding day is always going to be top of the list. A lot of newly wed couples do tend to book a chauffeured car service to take them to their destinations but what about that journey to and from your honeymoon destination?

  • Your wedding day is guaranteed the best day of your life and it goes without saying it will be emotional and exhausting, so why not end the day being whisked away in the back of your luxury vehicle with your beloved.
  • Add that extra special touch of glamour by having a driver drop you off at the airport or hotel
  • If you’re jetting off somewhere exotic on your holiday, don’t waste time booking airport parking or waste time searching for a parking space, queuing for a courtesy transport whilst dragging heavy luggage behind you.
  • Arrive to your departure gate on time in a luxury vehicle and jet off feeling relaxed and stress free
  • At the end of your honeymoon a chauffeur service will meet you and take you back home straight away, there’s no need to wait around for car park transport or spend time searching for your car

Hire a Chauffeur for a Day

At Van Marle we offer a chauffeur service which allows you to hire a chauffeur driven car for a day out or just a few hours. If you would like to use chauffeur services for your corporate clients, maybe you want to see the sights of London or use a chauffeur for a social event such as sporting events, special occasions or a shopping trip?

Whatever your requirements may be, the chauffeurs at Van Marle can offer you a professional, tailor-made chauffeur service, not only making your life easier, but going the extra mile for our customers to ensure all of your needs are catered for. We will take into account your specific needs and preference to help you create an itinerary that meets your deadlines, fits into your schedule, and uses your precious time to its best effect, hour by hour.

At Van Marle our chauffeuring team are specialists when it comes to corporate driving services and chauffeuring to roadshows, it’s a great option for all your executive driving services and chauffeur requirements. We will chauffeur your clients, guests, friends, family or employees quickly, efficiently and reliably to wherever it is you need them to be.

Day Hire Pricing

Here at Van Marle we pride ourselves on unbeatable prices, by offering you the most competitive rates within the UK. We can provide you with a FREE quote straight away through our online system. If necessary we can also send you a quote via email or text message. Should you have any special requests, feel free to contact our team today, we can always assist. From different drop off locations to picking up another passenger, get in touch with our team today.

Why Choose Van Marle?

Celebrations should be done properly and with this in mind, why not book a private chauffeur for your special occasion.

At Van Marle we want to provide you with an exceptional service that improves and enhances your life, when you choose Van Marle our team of professional chauffeurs will ensure a service of true luxury. All of the luxury cars that we provide in London are available for airport transfers, shopping days, theatre, dinner or evening events and many more, if hiring a chauffeur is something you are interested in then don’t hesitate to contact Van Marle today, one of our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements, call today.

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