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Chauffeurs for the 2018 Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival

With the Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival looming ever closer, it’s time to consider how you will get to and from the event.

Do you book a minibus, travel by train or ask for a lift? Or do you go all out this year with a deluxe, first class chauffeur service, escorting you in royal style to one of the most looked forward to events in the racing calendar?

Cheltenham Chauffeur 2018

Executive Travel for Cheltenham Festival 2018

If making a great impression or travelling in style is important to you, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the premium chauffeur services offered by Van Marle Executive car Service. The festival itself kicks off on the 13th March 2018, and here’s how the line-up looks:

Day 1 – 13th March 2018 – Champion Day

The first day of the Festival takes place on the 13th March, with the eagerly anticipated Champion Hurdle.

Day 2 – 14th March 2018 – Ladies Day

The second day of the festival takes place on the 14th March. Ladies day is a great day for horse lovers of all genders, providing ladies with a chance of competing for the best dressed award. The Queen Mother Champion Chase will also take place on this day.

Day 3 – 15th March 2018 – St. Patricks Thursday

Day 3 of the festival is one huge celebration for St. Patricks Day, with all things Irish taking a prominent role throughout the day. The Ryanair Steep Chase and the JLT Novices’ Chase are two of the main events featured on day 3.

Day 4 – 16th March 2018 – Gold Cup Day

The closing day of the festival will see jockeys and horses compete for one of the most prestigious races in the racing calendar, The Cheltenham Gold Cup.

Book your Cheltenham Chauffeur today

With just under a month to go until the event kicks off, now’s the time to book your transport in preparation for the event. Whether you are looking forward to the Champion Hurdle, the Queen Mother Chase or the beloved Cheltenham Gold Cup, there’s a lot to be excited about and we are here to help.

As one of the leading choices for Chauffeurs in Cheltenham, Van Marle’s executive car service will gladly drive you to and from the event in one of our luxury vehicles.

Here are some of the cars we have available for the event:

  • Mercedes S Class
  • BMW 7 Series
  • Mercedes V Class
  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Bentley Mulsanne

A range of executive coaches and minibuses are also available to hire for the festival for larger groups that wish to travel together.

Get in touch with Van Marle today to book your very own Cheltenham Chauffeur in advance. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Chauffeur For Your Corporate Event?

Why You Should Use A Chauffeur For A Corporate Event

Using a chauffeur for a corporate event means you don’t need to worry about waiting around for taxis or others, as you’ll have a service you can rely on. Chauffeurs will ensure you’re collected and arrive on time at your chosen destinations. With chauffeur driven corporate chauffeur hire you’ll be able to arrive in style and impress your colleagues or potential clients. Some of the benefits of using a chauffeur for a corporate event are:

  • Safety
  • Professional Service
  • Style
  • Punctuality
  • Cater For All Requirements

Chauffeurs for Corporate Events

Benefits of Using A Corporate Chauffeur

1. Safety

With extensive training chauffeur drivers know how to drive and operate a range of vehicles. Chauffeurs are competent drivers who can easily handle any type of road and traffic, meaning you’ll be in safe hands when you choose to use one for your corporate event. A chauffeur has in-depth knowledge of the best routes to take meaning you’ll arrive on time and safely.

2. Professional Service

Chauffeurs offer a service that other transportation services such as taxis simply can’t compete with. It’s a chauffeur’s role to provide you with on hand assistance throughout your journey and they’ll cover everything from loading luggage to providing you with refreshments and much more. The vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned before use to ensure the vehicle is spotless before you use it. Chauffeurs are trained to remain professional throughout the whole journey, meaning you’re likely to be treated like royalty.

3. Style

No one wants to turn up for a corporate event in an old car? Or maybe you just don’t want to worry about driving? Chauffeur companies will have a range of executive and luxury vehicles to choose from, meaning you can arrive in both style and luxury. A stylish vehicle is likely to impress your colleagues and any clients or potential clients.

4. Punctuality

A personal chauffeur driver understands the importance of protecting and respecting clients’ privacy; meaning anything said to the driver or in the vehicle is kept confidential. In addition to providing you with complete discretion, they’ll also ensure you arrive on time at your corporate destination of choice.

5. Cater For All Your Requirements

The great thing about chauffeurs, is they’ll cater to all of your requirements. Whether you need to make stops along the way, you need to collect a passenger or something else, then chauffeurs have you covered. Chauffeur companies will provide beverages and refreshments that meet your requirements. When you book a chauffeurs, you’re guaranteed to receive a service that always go the extra mile for you as a customer.

How Do I Arrange A Chauffeur For A Corporate Event?

If you’re in need of a chauffeur for a corporate event, then all you need to do is get in touch with Van Marle. We have a team of professional chauffeurs, we’ll ensure you arrive on time and in a vehicle, that you can relax and enjoy. No matter what you’re corporate chauffeur travel requirements might be, you can count on Van Marle to provide chauffeur driven car hire for you.

What’s The Difference Between A Chauffeur Service And A Taxi Service?

Chauffeur Service

Difference Between A Driver And A Chauffeur

Whilst it might seem like a chauffeur is just the same as a taxi driver, the two are completely different. Whilst both will collect and take you to the destination you require, the service you receive will be completely different.

Understanding about the difference between chauffeur drivers and taxi drivers, will help you to make a more informed decision about the type of service you want to choose. Below we go through a number of the main things that that both services provide and how they differ from each other.

Level of Service

Taxi drivers are there to get the job done, their job exists to get you from A to B and back again if necessary. A driver will arrive when they are required to and will take you a vehicle that is most likely their own. Whereas a chauffer driver is more than just a man behind the wheel, he’s a professional who’ll ensure you arrive on time and in a vehicle that represents you.

When you choose a professional chauffeur, he will carry luggage to and from the building for you. They’ll also provide you with a friendly and professional meet and greet service, that’s tailored around the chauffeur service you require. An eagle eyed chauffeur will be able to provide you with advice about the best things to see and do in the city your travelling in.


Most taxi drivers will undergo initial training, and this is designed to ensure they are competent at driving and can provide a basic level of service to their customers. Once they have their driver license they are free to provide taxi services as they see fit.

Chauffeurs undergo extensive training before they even go out on the road. Most chauffeurs will undergo extensive training that focuses on providing a high level of service as well as professional and safe driving. At Van Marle, all of our chauffeur drivers undergo thorough training to ensure they provide a high level of customer service to our clients.

Pride In Their Work

A taxi driver is there to do a job and once they’ve completed that job they’ll move onto the next one. The thing about taxi drivers is they are likely to be motivated by money and they’ll take any type of job and move on to the next one as quickly as they can.

When you choose a chauffeur service, you’ll receive the level of service that you pay for. Chauffeurs take pride in their work and the jobs he or she undertakes. Our chauffeurs at Van Marle are all well presented and will have a crisp and clean uniform. Taking pride in their work they’ll ensure that the highest level of service is provided to ensure your expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Choice Of Vehicles

When you order a taxi you’re not going to know what vehicle is going to turn up. Imagine going to a professional business meeting and turning up in a 16 seater minibus. Will the vehicle you receive as part of a taxi service, really represent you and the requirements you need it for?

At Van Marle, our clients are able to choose from a range of executive and luxury vehicles when they choose us for our chauffeur services. All of our vehicles are modern and cleaned thoroughly before use to ensure our clients receive a high standard of vehicle. Whether you’re on a business trip or you need vehicles for you wedding day, we have a great selection of vehicles to choose from.

How A Luxury Car Can Enhance Your Wedding Day

Luxury Wedding Car Hire

Reasons To Hire A Luxury Wedding Car

A wedding is probably one of the most special moments in any couples lifetime and that’s one of the reasons they are meticulously planned to ensure everything runs smoothly. From wedding car hire to wedding cakes, each part of the big day is planned to perfect.

One of the most important things about any wedding day is the choosing the right type of wedding car hire. Whether you decide on a more classic or modern vehicle, it’s important to choose a car that feels luxurious. Choosing a luxury wedding car for your big day and have a number of benefits to both the happy couple and the day itself.

Stylish Look

Just like the bride and groom, the vehicle should radiate the same style. When it comes to weddings, looking stylish is the key, so why rock up in a family car when you could enjoy a luxurious chauffeur driven vehicle. A vehicle that oozes style will only enhance the look of the big day and will give the bride a car she can be proud to step out of.

Your car doesn’t need to be plain either, decoration such as ribbons and bows can easily be added which helps the vehicle to blend into the theme of the wedding. All of the wedding cars we offer at Van Marle are designed to offer a both a stylish exterior look and interior finish.

Wedding Cars

Fantastic Photo Opportunities

When it comes to weddings, you’re guaranteed to see pictures being taken of everyone and everything. From guest requested photos to selfies and even your own wedding photographs, a picture trail of your big day is guaranteed to be created. At Van Marle, we understand that couple want to be captured in their wedding car and that’s why our team allow plenty of time for photo opportunities.

Whether you choose to prop up against your wedding car for the ultimate wedding pose, or enjoy a romantic kiss in the back of the vehicle; the photo opportunities are endless. Our fleet of vehicles are perfect for any couple to enjoy and use as photo opportunities.

Complements The Theme Of Your Wedding

Nearly all weddings will have a set theme that runs clearly throughout the day. The theme of your wedding day shouldn’t just be about your wedding decorations or how people are dressed it should run throughout your whole day; right down to the car.

With luxury wedding cars you should go all out and find a car that best meets the theme of your big day. Whether you’re at a country event and you want a classic Mercedes S Class or your having a city wedding and wanting something more modern such as the Tesla Model S or a Range Rover, then we have you covered.

Luxury Wedding Cars

High Class Feel Throughout The Day

Everyone loves to feel that extra bit special and on your wedding day you deserve to feel and be treat like royalty. With a luxury wedding care you’re sure to be noticed as you journey to your venue, and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to wave and enjoy all of the attention you’re been given.

At Van Marle, we offer a fantastic selection of cars for weddings that are sure to attract the attention of onlookers and your wedding guests. From modern to classics, all of our vehicle come with a high quality, luxurious interior.

Perfect Transportation For The Happy Couple To Enjoy

The two most important people when it comes to wedding are the happy couple. Most couples will barely get any real time together during the whole occasion, but having chauffeur driven wedding cars means you can relax and unwind together.

Whether it be the journey from your accommodation or the event afterwards, then it’s a great time for you to enjoy some quality time together. Our drivers offer a professional service, and we make both the bride and groom feel like royalty when they travel with us.

High Class Feel Throughout The Day

Everyone loves to feel that extra bit special and on your wedding day you deserve to feel and be treat like royalty. With a luxury wedding care you’re sure to be noticed as you journey to your venue, and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to wave and enjoy all of the attention you’re been given.

At Van Marle, we offer a fantastic selection of cars for weddings that are sure to attract the attention of onlookers and your wedding guests. From modern to classics, all of our vehicle come with a high quality, luxurious interior.

The Best of Bath Attractions

Mercedes V class chauffeur driven car waiting outside a hotel in Bath

Must see attractions for your Tour of Bath

Bath is undeniably one of the finest cities in the UK, with it’s rich history dating back thousands of years, home to the Romans and Jane Austen, but what are the best attractions to visit in Bath when you are organising your Chauffeur Driven Tour of Bath? We help you to make a decision from our pick of the top attractions:

The Romans Baths – Bath, Somerset, UK

The  Baths which give the city it’s name, bath houses, hot spas and dating back over 2000 years, when in Bath do as the Romans did and take time to visit The Roman Baths.

Bath Abbey – Bath, Somerset, UK

The Abbey as it stands was founded in 1499, however the site has been used for just over a century to house other churches. The Abbey was rebuilt in the 16th Century and is famous for it’s unique architecture, which includes Angels on Ladders.

No.1 Royal Crescent – Bath, Somerset, UK

Museum made from a Townhouse in the famous Royal Crescent, perfect for exploring the stunning interiors from the Georgian period. Exquisite dining room, drawing room and ladies and gentleman’s bedrooms with guides ready to provide stories and information.

Royal Victoria Park – Bath, Somerset, UK

57 acres of public green space with an adventure playground, crazy golf (18 holes) course and Botanical Gardens. The park has been open since 1829 when Princess Victoria paid a visit to Bath and opened the Royal Park.

Wells Cathedral – Wells, Somerset, UK

Wells is the earliest English Cathedral and one of the largest pieces of Gothic architecture in Europe. Set inside the UK’s smallest city, built in 1175 and next to the medieval Vicar’s Close and Bishops Palace.

Cheddar Gorge – Cheddar, Somerset, UK

The largest gorge in Britain, cliffs over 450 foot tall, with a variety of Stalactite’s and Stalagmite’s. Explore the chambers and the caves hidden under ground and used centuries ago.

Best way to Travel in Bath

If you prefer to wander the streets of Bath alone, or experience the delights of the city at your own pace then there are still options for your transportation.

We provide luxury transfers from London to Bath and our Bath Chauffeurs are on hand to take you to the near by towns and villages to explore even further.

Chauffeur Service London – Parkinon’s UK – Symfunny 2


Van Marle chauffeur’s are proud to support Parkinson’s UK at the Royal Albert Hall for Symfunny 2.

We will be providing our vehicles and chauffeurs, free of charge, to the VIPs who will be appearing at the show.

Van Marle has been committed to providing luxury professional London Chauffeur service for over twenty years and are proud to represent such an important charitable event and raise awareness for Parkinson’s.

Symfunny Royal Albert Hall

Luxury Chauffeur Service

Luxury Chauffeur Services London

The London chauffeur service was contacted by a prominent family from Asia, looking to hire a fleet of vehicles for their daughters graduation week at Imperial College.

The family were staying at the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge, the week began with their arrival at London City airport, were our professional team of chauffeurs arrived early and waited for the arrival of their private Jet. Upon their arrival they were greeted by our chauffeur team and driven in pure luxury in the Rolls Royce Phantom Long wheel base and Range Rover Vogue Autobiography with a V Class to transport all their luggage.

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The Queens 90th Celebrations

London Chauffeur Service to Windsor for Queens 90th

The executive car service were contacted to take a lady to the Queens 90th Celebration at Windsor Castle. The lady had been treated to tickets for her 80th Birthday and wanted a London Chauffeur Service to transport her to and from the occasion, we sent one of our most professional and seasoned chauffeurs in our BMW 7 series LWB saloon.

The chauffeur arrived early to transport the lady from her address in London, SW1 to Windsor castle in plenty of time for her to enjoy all the evenings entertainment, the lady had a wheelchair and therefore Richard our professional driver arranged with the security to be allowed to access the VVIP parking for her to join the other guests in the Queens box.

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London Chauffeur Service

London Chauffeur Service Tour Of London

We had a family request a VIP tour of London for the day, they found a London chauffeur service that was happy to help.

The day off started off at the Mandarin Oriental, a day with a family of five looking to be entertained during their weekend away in London.

The family wanted to have a professional, English driver with enough knowledge of London to navigate without a sat-nav, thankfully with over twenty years of experience in London, our professional specialist drivers / tour guides are always prepared for every eventuality.

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