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Secret Driving Tips from a Chauffeur

Secret Driving Tips from a Chauffeur

Ensuring Your in Safe Hands

As chauffeurs are paid to drive important and rich people around in expensive cars, it’s reasonable to assume that the ‘Law of Supply and Demand’ will ensure that only the very best survive.

Their role is to drive smoothly, quickly, and accurately to shrink the irksome business of moving from A to B via a congested road network that’s clogged with amateurs. Arrogant? Perhaps, but let’s look at some of their secrets to see if there is anything we can learn from them, shall we?


A good chauffeur will plan the forthcoming journey in detail, looking at possible pinch points, traffic jams, and toll roads. They will calculate how long the journey will take and allow a little extra for unforeseen problems.

They will also give their car a quick health check before setting out and keep a few essentials in the boot in case they hit a problem. None of this is exactly rocket science, but how many times have you set off on a long journey with only a vague idea of where you are going and the low-fuel warning light flashing?

Have a Plan B

When you’re planning your route, it’s always worth developing a Plan B.

As London is a major city it is notorious for long running roadworks and associated traffic jams, this is where Google Maps can help – checking it before you leave can help with a plan B. If a delay is too long, then you have an option to divert your route. However, it sometimes can clear when you are leaving but can change as you get closer; by having planned an alternative route before leaving home you can divert without too much hassle, saving me time, money and stress.

A Plan B works for everyday driving too: what would you do if the lorry in front of you shed its load? Or a tractor pulled out of that field? Or the dog on the pavement suddenly dashed out into the road? By processing this information and having a plan to deal with it, you will be able to avoid a significant number of otherwise potentially dangerous situations.

Looking Ahead

Chauffeurs make it a priority to look further ahead, when driving. This allows them to spot any hazards well before everyone else.

This means that they can change lanes in plenty of time, keeping up their average speed and avoiding the sort of last-minute lane changes that cause accidents and annoy other motorists.

The key is to look as far ahead as you can, scanning back all the way to the car in front. This is a constant cycle – interspersed with frequent mirror and instrument checks – that becomes second nature very quickly.


The one quality that just about every passenger notices when he or she is being driven by a top-flight chauffeur is how smooth the journey is. This is partly a function of the driver looking so far ahead and being able to avoid last-second emergency avoidance but also a reflection of their driving technique.

The best chauffeurs will ease on and off the throttle and steer the car into bends with small, gentle movements of the steering wheel to avoid upsetting the car’s composure.

The very best will also feather the brakes as they come to a halt, releasing the pressure as the car finally stops, enabling their passengers to continue sipping champagne without spilling a drop on the butter-soft leather seats. This last tip is well worth practicing, even if, like mine, your passengers are more likely to be drinking coffee out of a flask!


Finally, chauffeurs are less prone to being distracted than you and I. While I’m not suggesting for a moment that you spend every journey is stony-faced silence, staying focused can be a great trick to adopt.

When a chauffeur is cut-up by a sales executive in their rep-mobile he or she will stay calm and focus on the job in hand, which is getting their client to the final destination as quietly and unobtrusively as they can. They certainly wouldn’t gesticulate and use good Anglo-Saxon language to critique the other driver’s incompetence, would they?

Why Every Bride Should Care About Their Wedding Car

Wedding Engagements London

Wedding transport has traditionally been the domain of the groom, and whilst we’re all for giving grooms free reign, there are a few things brides need to know about their transport; it isn’t all about what’s underneath the hood! There are so many reasons why you need to choose a reputable car hire company for your wedding and many of these reasons might not be on your man’s radar.

The Smart Bride’s Guide to Wedding Cars

Among the numerous items that the busy bride-to-be has on her checklist is the transportation set-up for the wedding party. The most popular option is to simply invest in wedding car services — an option that actually makes sense because of the convenience, glamor and safety it can bring to the occasion.

Renting a chauffeur driven car for your wedding can make a great day even dreamier. To make sure you get the most out of the experience, take note of the following strategies from brides who have pulled off successful weddings and ridden off into the sunset aboard a stylish car.

Be an Early Bird

Brides don’t want to deal with last-minute surprises. So, she prepares early, does her research and shops around months before the big day. She talks to potential service providers and books the date once she founds the perfect one—before another enterprising bride beats her to it.

Be A Savvy Dealer

A bride never believes in promises unless they’re written on paper and signed by both parties. She scrutinises the fine print and is not afraid to ask questions when some things need clarification. Most of all, she doesn’t blush when the talk is about the price. She studies the payment terms and conditions and may even be bold enough to ask for a discount or upgrades, such as complimentary champagne.

A Smart Bride is Unapologetic

A bride doesn’t mind if she may look like a discriminating customer, because she is. So, the smart bride will nicely ask to inspect the actual vehicle in person before signing the contract. She may talk to the chauffeur to be assigned to her party and get the limo rental office’s hotline so she knows where to call in case an emergency comes up during her special day.

Questions Every Bride has About the Wedding Car

Although organising a wedding car is usually tasked to the groom, there are six questions you need to ask to ensure you have the right car for the job.

What’s the Theme?

Arriving in a white Maserati will set the scene for a sexy, sleek wedding; whereas a black Mercedes just screams understated elegance. The bride generally gets ready at her parent’s home, so the car is the first official wedding ‘setting’ for her and her bridesmaids. It’s so important to choose the right car because it really sets the mood for the rest of the day.

How Many Cars

This all comes down to your budget and the size of your bridal party. For smaller weddings, couples’ book three cars, one for the bride and father-of-the-bride, one for the bridesmaids and one for the groom and his groomsmen. For bigger weddings, couples will book four – the extra transports just the groom and his best man. More and more, couples are choosing to book another car to take the groom’s parents to the wedding, which is a really nice gesture.

Who Rides with Who? And Who Leaves with Who?

When it comes to who rides with who this is completely up to the bride and groom, but traditionally the bridesmaids ride with the mother-of-the-bride, the bride rides with her father and the groom and the best man team up.

When leaving the wedding, traditionally, the bride and groom leave the church first; this car should then be used for photographs. If the budget is tight, you can opt just to keep one car for the bride and groom and transfer the rest of the bridal party in cabs.

Is There an Order for the Bridal Party to Arrive

The ushers should be first to arrive, then the guests. Shortly before the ceremony’s official start, the groom and best man should arrive. Next comes the bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride and finally the bride and her father make their big entrance!

Should We Decorate the Wedding Car?

This is completely up to the bride and groom, but if you’re using a beautiful hire car, it’s probably not a great idea to decorate with silly string and toilet paper! As long as the car has been stocked with champagne and flowers, you can be sure the bride and groom will leave happy.

The Qualities of Professional Chauffeurs in London

The Qualities of Professional Chauffeurs in London

Qualities of Professional Chauffeurs

Qualities of Professional Chauffeurs in London

A professional chauffeur service may seem like something that is just used by the rich, but today chauffeur services are common and used by many people.

Chauffeur services were once used by the wealthy, but today they are perfect for anyone who wants to make a good impression or anyone who wants to ensure that they arrive at their destination in a timely manner.

If chauffeur hiring is something you are considering, it is important to look for certain qualities so that you know you have chosen a great company. Here are some of the top qualities that you can find from the best professional chauffeurs in London.

Excellent Vehicles

When you order a taxi you can be 100% guaranteed that you will be picked up in a nice car, but, by hiring a professional chauffeur service you will be guaranteed that a great car will arrive to pick you up. The vehicles are also maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, so every car is sparkling, and you will never have to worry about breaking down.

All of our cars are top of the range models, with a plethora of features designed with your comfort in mind, including heating and air conditioning to ensure you and your fellow passengers are always at just the right temperature, whatever the weather.


One of the best things about hiring a chauffeur service is the reliability. A good chauffeur service will never arrive late to pick you up, and will always get you to your destination on time in a safe and efficient manner. As the chauffeurs are local and use a GPS and traffic update apps, you can relax knowing you will arrive at your destination on time. This is very important for those clients who are attending important events or catching flights.

This is actually one of the main reasons why people hire a professional chauffeur; because they will arrive on time, as chauffeurs are more reliable then buses, trains or taxis.

A Polite, Experienced Driver

A good chauffeur will be polite and confident, they will have years of experience driving around the local area. This is a great advantage if you want to take the fastest or the most scenic route, their polite attitude means that you will have an enjoyable and relaxing journey.

Top Quality Customer Service

A professional chauffeur company will also prioritise great customer service so that their customers are always happy. They will do this by providing a range of extras, such as bottles of water, cups of tea or coffee, free wi-fi and even a small meal if requested. They will be more than happy to switch the radio off or on, and they will even provide champagne and other alcoholic drinks if requested.

Expectations from a Chauffeur Driven Car

The first and most important thing you should expect from your chauffeured service is always a professional experience. From making that initial contact, through the experience itself to the time you say goodbye to your chauffeur you will be provided with nothing but professionalism.

Your chauffeur will be punctual to a fault, after all nobody wants to be late to a special event. As well as being ultra-polite your chauffeur will be helpful and adaptable to any change in circumstance, such as late arrivals or traffic problems for example. Your chauffeur will be smartly dressed, knowledgeable about your schedule and any possible delays. Your driver will be discreet, and naturally an excellent driver who gets you to and from your meeting or party without delay or drama.

A professional chauffeur service will go above and beyond for its customers to ensure that they have a great ride and fantastic service throughout. This all starts with punctual arrival, and it is followed by great customer service and a relaxing ride. All customers will be dropped off at their destinations on time, even if the traffic is heavy. This is because chauffeurs plan each journey in advance so that our client is never let down.

If you are thinking about hiring a chauffeur service, it is important to make sure that they have all of these qualities, as this will ensure that you have a fantastic journey.

Why Hire a Chauffeur for London Fashion Week?

London Fashion Week

Every February and September, London becomes home to the most famous, influential and current names of the fashion world. London Fashion Week is one of the big four annual fashion weeks hosted across the world and also one of the most important weeks in the fashion calendar. Thousands of famous designers come to display their work to the media, celebrities and highly important investors. While the world gets a chance to predict upcoming fashion trends basedon the show of the season.

Whether you’re involved in the shows through modelling, designing or organising, we can work with you, planning your travel arrangements to ensure you’re on time and relaxed for the week ahead. Or perhaps you’re just starting out in the industry, attending the show to stay up to date with the latest trends and hear inspirational talks from some of the people who’ve really made it. Whatever your situation, we offer bespoke luxury travel packages to make your experience more memorable.

Why Hire a Chauffeur for London Fashion Week

Fashionistas Deserve to be Chauffeur Driven Too

As well as over 250 designers looking to show their latest designs to the fashion world, fans and spectators of all ages flock to London to get a glimpse of the next big trends and their favourite designers. With a luxe ticket, you can have access to on designer show as well as an exclusive seat at an intimate Q&A session with the main designer of the day.

So, why not hire a chauffeur for the day and let us take car of your travel arrangements. From picking you up either at home or your hotel, to dropping you off at your venue of choice. Relax with friends in a chauffeur driven car and enjoy a glass of champagne before the day ahead.

Travel In Style

Our London Fashion Week luxury chauffeur service has been the leading choice for designers and spectators for many years. From first contact to your final destination, our chauffeurs work tirelessly to ensure clients’ requirements are exactly met, enabling them to glide through London Fashion Week’s demanding schedule with minimum fuss and maximum ease.

Chauffeur Hire is a professional and discreet service. Chauffeurs have vast experience negotiating London’s busier-than-usual streets during Fashion Week and can adapt to clients’ changing needs at the drop of a hat. Additionally, our fleet of stylish, luxurious vehicles from London Fashion Show fit in perfectly with the city’s chicest event.

Which Car to Choose?

Van Marle Executive Car service offers some of the best executive cars in London, helping you to feel like royalty as you become part of such an exciting occasion. The Mercedes S-class and BMW 7 Series are among the most luxurious motors available, while the Mercedes V class & Executive Minibus are also available for those looking to travel in groups.

For many years, Van Marle has been providing top-class motoring excellence to its clients, helping them to travel safely and comfortably from one destination to the next. Fashion lovers can benefit from the best of the best in terms of chauffeur driven transport.

Flying in for Fashion Week?

It goes without saying that a career in fashion can take you around the world, with a luxurious fleet of cars, ready to serve you as soon as you land. At Van Marle chauffeur services we can take you from airport to venue or hotel when you land. Our professional, expert chauffeurs can be on hand ready to pick you up from any London airport and get you to your destination promptly. With each of our chauffeur driven luxury cars kept in immaculate condition, you can relax in optimal comfort whilst utilising the latest technology features so you can catch up with your emails or keep in touch with colleagues, clients and friends so you are always in the know.

What Will I Get from Hiring a Chauffeur?

By hiring a chauffeur driven car for a prestigious event such as, London Fashion Week you will be left with peace of mind by getting to and from your destinations in a timely and safe manner. Our private car pick up service is not just reliable but provides a relaxing alternative to a taxi. By booking a professional chauffeur service allows you to ride with our fully licensed and insured professional drivers for the first and last miles of your journey.

In the fashion world, first impressions count. If this is an industry you’re looking to get into yourself, London Fashion Week offers a fantastic venue for you to learn from and make priceless connections. Ensure you make the best impression upon arrival by hiring a prestige chauffeur driven car; we have a wide range of stunning hire cars for you to choose from. The Executive Car Service are often in demand for London Fashion Week, so it pays to book early to secure the car of your choice. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and book your Chauffeur Service London.

How a Chauffeur Service can Impress your Clients

How a Chauffeur Service can Impress your Clients

Professional Chauffeur Services for Important Clients

In a world where first impressions are everything, corporate’s have long used chauffeur services as a way of ferrying their potential clients and existing business partners around. In recent years we have also seen the growth in popularity of chauffeur services among forward thinking SMEs who are tuned in to their benefits. So why are chauffeur services so good for business?

Chauffeur Service

Comfort and Space

One of the foremost reasons that a chauffeured pick up can make such a good impression is the luxurious level of comfort it provides the occupants with. The executive saloon cars typically used for chauffeur services offer a client a noticeably more comfortable ride compared to the hard seats of a rickety black cab, or the often-cramped confines of a mini cab. For an individual that might be extremely busy or have travelled far to visit, the extra degree of comfort and privacy will likely be remembered and appreciated.

At Van Marle we can facilitate a range of luxury journeys thanks to our chauffeur driven cars. This means that no matter what size of the group, they can offer the perfect VIP vehicle and experience. Cars in our fleet include; Mercedes V Class, Range Rovers, Luxury Minibus’ and many more, each have their own individual benefits. These include spacious boots, refrigerators, enhanced leg room, satellite navigation and modern safety technology.

A Dedicated Service

There are many customised elements in a chauffeur service, and possibly the most important is the journey itself, which takes the client from his or her preferred pick up spot to a specific destination. That means no more standing around waiting for a cab, and no risk of mixing up directions to a particular location.

V.I.P Treatments

Chauffeur services provide a friendly and professional driver who has been trained to address your clients respectfully and make them feel at home. When arriving in unfamiliar surroundings, this instant offering of warmth goes a long way to helping the client relax, and crucially, making them feel that they are being looked after. As we all know, guests must always be made welcome, and that is one of the key elements in forming good relations with visiting clients. A professional chauffeur can act as an extension of your work force, happily answering any questions that the client might have about the local area, and providing them with the reassurance that they are in good hands.

At Van Marle we pride ourselves on their prestige services. You can be confident that we will go the extra mile to ensure that your client’s experience is the best it can be. As an example, complimentary water and newspapers are provided to make clients feel completely at home. Not only do we have an excellent reputation but we are also aware that your journey can be reflected on you too. This is why we have a specially selected team of professionals and polite drivers to create a lasting impression.

Tailoring your Business Travel Service to Suit You

At Van Marle we are nothing like any other chauffeuring or taxi service. We are on hand to tailor each and every trip to suit you and your needs. If there’s a particular request you want us to fulfil to help deliver a lasting impression to your clients, just let us know.

Whether this is taking a certain route, having items ready in the car for you, or even just conversing in a personal way, we’ll make sure that your potential business client has no reason not to sign with you!

Make the Best Impression Possible

How you choose to get to your destination speaks volumes about you as a person. Nothing creates a better first impression than a professional chauffeur service. Chauffeur driven vehicles are perfect if you want to impress a long-coveted client, organise a glitch-free airport transfer or treat someone special to a wonderful night out. Attention is paid to even the smallest detail. You simply can’t make the same impression by booking a taxi or driving yourself. In addition, with Van Marle you have the added benefit of extra legroom with long wheel-based cars and also extra luggage space in our chauffeured vehicles.

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