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Van Marle Chauffeurs took over England Limousines in 2015. England Limousines is a specialist sightseeing and touring company. The team have over 15 years’ experience providing services for top American travel agents and their clients.Our Tour Guides are hand–picked for their special abilities: to be fun and entertaining as well as informative. We want to make you or your clients’ tour with Van Marle Chauffeurs magical and unforgettable. But above all fun!

There are many knowledgeable guides out there, but some simply don’t get it. Or are not able to adapt their style of delivery to suit the clients they have at any given time. We avoid these, and ensure we provide only the best.

We are expert at providing our services in just the right way. And for multi-generation family groups; to be as fascinating for the grand-children as the grand-parents simultaneously. We can also cater for corporate tours – for any group size from 1 person up to 100 people.

A Bespoke Service

Whether your tour requirement is a simple half day in London, or a 3 weeks involved tour of England, Scotland and Ireland combined, we are experienced and able to make it happen! We can also provide tours of the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy, France.We can provide the luxury vehicle to suit the size of your group, plus a qualified ‘Blue Badge’ tour guide (or 2 if the group size requires it). We can also provide combined driver-guides.

If required, as part of a tour we can incorporate a short helicopter or light aircraft flight with running commentary, to enhance the sightseeing experience. Or arrange a private Thames river boat cruise. The possibilities are endless.

The Van Marle Chauffeurs team is here at your disposal, to work with you on bespoke requirements. Our tour-writing services are free of charge and we are happy to research anything one-off or for a specialist theme.

Tours And Blue Badge Guides

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Independent Customer Reviews

I have been using this service for over 6 years and they are very customer focused, always on time and the drivers are courteous. The best car service in London.

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Luxury Chauffeur Driven Tours

The UK boasts many of the world’s most must-see tourist hotspots. From the Houses of Parliament to the Tower of London. , The mysticism of Stonehenge to the magnificence of the Roman Baths. So when you’re planning to see the sights, what better way to do so than with a luxury chauffeur driven tour. Driving in style whilst accompanied by a respected and expert tour guide.

Van Marle Chauffeurs are proud of our reputation as one of the country’s top luxury tour providers. taking you around the country in the kind of class and comfort you deserve.

Chauffeur Driven UK Tours

Your Private Tour chauffeur can accompany you on your trip around the English countryside. Staying with you for your entire trip and advising on the best locations to visit along the way.

If you an itinerary in mind, or you like us to provide one, you can combine sightseeing with an indulgent shopping trip or an evening at the theatre.

Blue Badge Tourist Guides

Alternatively, why not take the pressure out of planning your big UK tour and let somebody do it for you?

Blue Badge Tourist Guides combine local expertise with an entertaining presentation to really bring Britain’s landmarks to life. Professional tour guides accredited by the local authorities, Blue Badge Guides provide the ideal accompaniment to your tour, offering you a fascinating insight into the places you’ll visit that you won’t find in any guidebook.

A range of locations and landmarks to visit

When you speak to us about booking your UK tour, we can advise you on not only the best luxury tour for you and your party, but on how to book a Blue Badge Tourist Guide to accompany you on any of the following tours.

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Bath Tour

Located in the heart of Somerset, Bath is a city rich in history and overflowing with magnificent architecture, attractions and artefacts from ancient times.

Bicester Village Tour

Boasting over 130 high brand shopping boutiques, Oxfordshire’s Bicester Village makes for the ultimate in retail therapy when your looking for that special day out.

Cambridge Tour

When you’re planning a tour of Cambridge, you want to take in the sights with the level of style and sophistication becoming of one of Britain’s most historical, picturesque cities.

Cardiff Tour

The Welsh capital of Cardiff is known throughout the world as one of the most picturesque places to visit in the whole United Kingdom and therefore a must see destination.

Cotswold Tour

Few places in England come as beautiful and breathtaking as The Cotswolds and were consequently awarded the status of  Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1966.

Devon & Cornwall Tours

Devon and Cornwall are truly wonderful places to visit and as the most southerly counties in the south-west of England, their climate allows for spectacular flora and forna.

Edinburgh Tour

When you’re planning to tour Edinburgh, you want to plan the kind of excursion that combines high levels of comfort and class with a splendour well suited to this magnificent Scottish city.

Glasgow Tour

Resting contently on the banks of the River Clyde, the Scottish city of Glasgow is a haven of heritage and culture. If you’re thinking of touring Glasgow, now is a great time to visit.

London Tour

As England’s capital, the city of London is the home of royalty, of the rich and of the famous. So when you’re planning a London Tour, it makes sense that you’d want to travel in style.

Oxford Tour

As the epicentre of England’s history, heritage and culture, Oxford offers an abundance of sights to see, places to explore and things to enjoy. So make time to see it all in style.

Scotland Tour

Steeped in proud traditions, world-class culture and a plethora of historical sights, Scotland is a truly a stunning place to tour, especially when you are doing it in style.

Stonehenge Tour

So, you’re planning to take trip to Stonehenge, one of Britain’s most celebrated monuments. What better way to do it than in the comfortable surroundings of a chauffeur driven luxury vehicle?

Stratford Upon Avon

Home of the legendary poet and playwright William Shakespeare, Stratford-Upon-Avon is regarded and revered as one of England’s most prized tourist destinations.

Chauffeur Driven Windsor Tour

As one the country’s leading provider of luxury private tours, The Executive Car Service offer exclusive Chauffeur Driven trips and excursions around the UK, including the magnificent City of Windsor.