Arrive in Style to your Christmas Party

Christmas Party Travel

An office Christmas Party is one of those occasions where no one wants to drive and with drink tokens often provided by generous businesses, booking a chauffeur driven car isn’t just a sensible option but a stylish one too! Hiring the ideal car of your choice between you and your fellow work colleagues will allow you to arrive in style and at a reasonable price. You can even drink your way there, ready to enjoy the party that awaits you…

At Van Marle, we provide a range of party and events chauffeuring to clients across London and the surrounding areas, so why not treat yourself and your team to a luxury chauffeur driven car after all of the hard work you’ve put in over the year.

Unforgettable Christmas Party and Event Chauffeuring

Maybe you’ve been given the task and privilege of planning your offices Christmas party, don’t panic with Van Marle we have you covered. Don’t be a scrooge this Christmas, the team at Van Marle will arrange for all of your guests to arrive safely and in chauffeur-driven to your function or event.

It may cost a little more but at Van Marle we aim to provide competitively priced quotes, giving you peace of mind and knowing that all your guests will arrive safely and in chauffeur driven style. We know that your guests will love it.

When it comes to your works Christmas Party you only want your guests to remember the good times, the delicious three course meal, the copious amounts of wine, the singing, the dancing and the fun! What you don’t want them to remember is being stranded waiting for a taxi at the end of the night… Your guests may feel undervalued. By hiring a luxurious vehicle you are ensuring your guests can arrive and leave the party swiftly and efficiently in a luxury vehicle that they can remember for years to come!

Events and Special Occasions Chauffeuring throughout London

Even if your not hosting a Christmas party, Van Marle offering chauffeuring for many special occasions throughout the Festive Season, perhaps your celebrating an anniversary or a loved one is hitting a milestone, no matter what the occasion you can always trust that the team at Van Marle have you covered when it comes to chauffeuring across London. We are proud to have an experienced team who have undergone extensive training, allowing you to trust that we have all of the necessary skills and knowledge needed to ensure the most bespoke chauffeuring service.

At Van Marle we understand that arriving at your Christmas party on time is crucial which is why we have professional and experienced chauffeurs who know the streets of London like the back of there hands and we will ensure that you arrive to your Christmas party in a safe and efficient manner. Our chauffeurs will take care of everything that you need and can provide ourselves on providing a high standard of services and will ensure that we go the extra mile for each and every client. When it comes to special occasion chauffeuring in London, look no further than Van Marle, we have you covered.

Why Choose Van Marle for Christmas Party Travel?

For many years we have served customers across the London area for many years as an established chauffeur company. We have a wealth of experience in the industry, meaning you can trust that you will receive a top-quality event chauffeuring service from Van Marle. There is really nowhere else to go when it comes to event and party chauffeuring throughout London and its surrounding areas.

If you are looking for a London based chauffeur company for special occasion and events, you can always rely on the team at Van Marle, offering you a relaxing and stress free journey to your event so you can enjoy your Christmas party or event. Our private drivers are trusted and reliable when it comes to all of your Christmas events and parties.

Some of the reasons you should choose us for your Christmas party or special events are:

  • Provided event chauffeuring for many years
  • Always go the extra mile for all of our clients
  • Home to a team of professional chauffeurs
  • A range of luxury vehicles to choose from
  • A great knowledge of London allowing us to take the fastest and most efficient routes

Travelling to the Airport in Style

Air travel is becoming more and more luxurious, airlines are working towards meeting the needs of their passengers. Nowadays you can have a drink at the bar, relax in your own room and enjoy Michelin starred food, all whilst you’re flying to your destination. The beginning of your holiday has never been more exciting, whether you fly first class or hire your own private jet.

The relaxed flight experience is often much needed, as is transfers to and from the airport, this can add unwanted tension and stress, ruining your travel experience before it has even begun.

At Van Marle, from the moment you walk through arrivals, or leaving your home for the airport, our team of professional and highly trained chauffeurs will make sure that your joinery to and from the airport is as comfortable as needed. Whether you are travelling for an important business meeting, or a needed holiday, we’ll ensure your transfer if efficient and of true luxury in one of our exquisite vehicles.

The prestigious Bentley marks the highest standard of British excellence in luxury cars, as part of our first-class chauffeuring service, our Bentley and personal driving service is perfect for your airport transfer experience. For a spacious and comfortable journey, start your special journey in style with our exquisite Bentley.

Our selection of Rolls Royces are great when it comes to the highest standard of luxury, as an iconic status symbol with surpassed levels of quality, style and comfort, the Rolls Royce is just unrivalled. When it comes to a great chauffeur service for those who want to arrive unflustered and in style, we have you covered.

The Range Rover has quickly become the SUV of choice for a number of people, when it comes to luxury travel, this beautiful car will just leave you wanting more. As a very spacious car, this is great for airport transfers and transporting all of your luggage effectively. So if you’re looking to make a statement when you arrive at the airport, the Range Rover is an excellent choice.

At Van Marle, we understand that you want a smooth journey to your destination, arriving on time and without hassle, so you’re free to concentrate on the important things, like entertaining clients and growing your business.

Van Marle’s executive car service is known for being better than most and we’re proud to offer stress free, luxury airport transfer, making sure that you get where you’re going on time and in style.

We cover trips from all of London to all major UK airports and back again, should you be heading to one of London’s airports, we’re able to take you there from a number of cities across England.  For more information on our luxury airport transfer, call Van Marle today!

Best London Chauffeur Company

Travelling to London

London, known as the city of dreams it steeped in history with luxury and entertainment at every corner. London is the city that never sleeps, there’s always something exciting going on, it’s none stop whether its 3am or 3pm. With this in mind, it’s important that you use the best chauffeur company in London to help you explore the city.

As a visitor in London, it’s like a maze, there’s plenty of things to see and do as well as a number of places to visit. From Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Piccadilly Circus, all of these well-known attractions are definitely something that you should include in your trip. But maybe you also want to explore the areas of London that are more exclusive, and you’d like to do this in something more luxurious than just a standard taxi. Van Marle have you covered, we have a range of luxury vehicles available for your chauffeuring needs. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy your London experience in one of our exquisite vehicles.

Chauffeur Company in London

Not only will you be driven in style, we’ll also make you aware of all there is to see and do during your stay. With special events happening across the city daily, from promoting fashion, art, music and food, it’s vital that you have all the best local knowledge on hand, ensuring you make the most of your visit to the capital city.

At Van Marle, our chauffeur’s knowledge of London is extensive, we also have access to a number of only the best contacts, making sure that you have everything ticked off your list. From collecting you from a luxurious hotel location to passing Buckingham Palace on your way to dinner, all you need to do is ask our experienced chauffeurs and we can make it happen.

So, whether it’s a summer trip, winter shopping, business or pleasure, we’ll make sure that you enjoy you trip to London.

Style and Luxury

Our London chauffeured cars include the latest models, from Mercedes, BMWs, Range Rovers, Bentleys and Rolls Royces. When you choose our team for your luxury car hire, there’s really no need to consider anywhere else. We’re one of the leading chauffeur companies in London and specialise in providing a selection of chauffeur drive cars. Our services cover London and the surrounding areas and you can trust that you’ll receive a professional and reliable luxury chauffeur service.

Whether you require airport transfers, private tours or you’re looking to make a grand entrance to a special event, we’ll you’re in the right place. Our chauffeurs will ensure a high standard of service, for more information on our fleet of vehicles and our services, call Van Marle today.

Secret Driving Tips from a Chauffeur

Secret Driving Tips from a Chauffeur

Ensuring Your in Safe Hands

As chauffeurs are paid to drive important and rich people around in expensive cars, it’s reasonable to assume that the ‘Law of Supply and Demand’ will ensure that only the very best survive.

Their role is to drive smoothly, quickly, and accurately to shrink the irksome business of moving from A to B via a congested road network that’s clogged with amateurs. Arrogant? Perhaps, but let’s look at some of their secrets to see if there is anything we can learn from them, shall we?


A good chauffeur will plan the forthcoming journey in detail, looking at possible pinch points, traffic jams, and toll roads. They will calculate how long the journey will take and allow a little extra for unforeseen problems.

They will also give their car a quick health check before setting out and keep a few essentials in the boot in case they hit a problem. None of this is exactly rocket science, but how many times have you set off on a long journey with only a vague idea of where you are going and the low-fuel warning light flashing?

Have a Plan B

When you’re planning your route, it’s always worth developing a Plan B.

As London is a major city it is notorious for long running roadworks and associated traffic jams, this is where Google Maps can help – checking it before you leave can help with a plan B. If a delay is too long, then you have an option to divert your route. However, it sometimes can clear when you are leaving but can change as you get closer; by having planned an alternative route before leaving home you can divert without too much hassle, saving me time, money and stress.

A Plan B works for everyday driving too: what would you do if the lorry in front of you shed its load? Or a tractor pulled out of that field? Or the dog on the pavement suddenly dashed out into the road? By processing this information and having a plan to deal with it, you will be able to avoid a significant number of otherwise potentially dangerous situations.

Looking Ahead

Chauffeurs make it a priority to look further ahead, when driving. This allows them to spot any hazards well before everyone else.

This means that they can change lanes in plenty of time, keeping up their average speed and avoiding the sort of last-minute lane changes that cause accidents and annoy other motorists.

The key is to look as far ahead as you can, scanning back all the way to the car in front. This is a constant cycle – interspersed with frequent mirror and instrument checks – that becomes second nature very quickly.


The one quality that just about every passenger notices when he or she is being driven by a top-flight chauffeur is how smooth the journey is. This is partly a function of the driver looking so far ahead and being able to avoid last-second emergency avoidance but also a reflection of their driving technique.

The best chauffeurs will ease on and off the throttle and steer the car into bends with small, gentle movements of the steering wheel to avoid upsetting the car’s composure.

The very best will also feather the brakes as they come to a halt, releasing the pressure as the car finally stops, enabling their passengers to continue sipping champagne without spilling a drop on the butter-soft leather seats. This last tip is well worth practicing, even if, like mine, your passengers are more likely to be drinking coffee out of a flask!


Finally, chauffeurs are less prone to being distracted than you and I. While I’m not suggesting for a moment that you spend every journey is stony-faced silence, staying focused can be a great trick to adopt.

When a chauffeur is cut-up by a sales executive in their rep-mobile he or she will stay calm and focus on the job in hand, which is getting their client to the final destination as quietly and unobtrusively as they can. They certainly wouldn’t gesticulate and use good Anglo-Saxon language to critique the other driver’s incompetence, would they?

Why Every Bride Should Care About Their Wedding Car

Wedding Engagements London

Wedding transport has traditionally been the domain of the groom, and whilst we’re all for giving grooms free reign, there are a few things brides need to know about their transport; it isn’t all about what’s underneath the hood! There are so many reasons why you need to choose a reputable car hire company for your wedding and many of these reasons might not be on your man’s radar.

The Smart Bride’s Guide to Wedding Cars

Among the numerous items that the busy bride-to-be has on her checklist is the transportation set-up for the wedding party. The most popular option is to simply invest in wedding car services — an option that actually makes sense because of the convenience, glamor and safety it can bring to the occasion.

Renting a chauffeur driven car for your wedding can make a great day even dreamier. To make sure you get the most out of the experience, take note of the following strategies from brides who have pulled off successful weddings and ridden off into the sunset aboard a stylish car.

Be an Early Bird

Brides don’t want to deal with last-minute surprises. So, she prepares early, does her research and shops around months before the big day. She talks to potential service providers and books the date once she founds the perfect one—before another enterprising bride beats her to it.

Be A Savvy Dealer

A bride never believes in promises unless they’re written on paper and signed by both parties. She scrutinises the fine print and is not afraid to ask questions when some things need clarification. Most of all, she doesn’t blush when the talk is about the price. She studies the payment terms and conditions and may even be bold enough to ask for a discount or upgrades, such as complimentary champagne.

A Smart Bride is Unapologetic

A bride doesn’t mind if she may look like a discriminating customer, because she is. So, the smart bride will nicely ask to inspect the actual vehicle in person before signing the contract. She may talk to the chauffeur to be assigned to her party and get the limo rental office’s hotline so she knows where to call in case an emergency comes up during her special day.

Questions Every Bride has About the Wedding Car

Although organising a wedding car is usually tasked to the groom, there are six questions you need to ask to ensure you have the right car for the job.

What’s the Theme?

Arriving in a white Maserati will set the scene for a sexy, sleek wedding; whereas a black Mercedes just screams understated elegance. The bride generally gets ready at her parent’s home, so the car is the first official wedding ‘setting’ for her and her bridesmaids. It’s so important to choose the right car because it really sets the mood for the rest of the day.

How Many Cars

This all comes down to your budget and the size of your bridal party. For smaller weddings, couples’ book three cars, one for the bride and father-of-the-bride, one for the bridesmaids and one for the groom and his groomsmen. For bigger weddings, couples will book four – the extra transports just the groom and his best man. More and more, couples are choosing to book another car to take the groom’s parents to the wedding, which is a really nice gesture.

Who Rides with Who? And Who Leaves with Who?

When it comes to who rides with who this is completely up to the bride and groom, but traditionally the bridesmaids ride with the mother-of-the-bride, the bride rides with her father and the groom and the best man team up.

When leaving the wedding, traditionally, the bride and groom leave the church first; this car should then be used for photographs. If the budget is tight, you can opt just to keep one car for the bride and groom and transfer the rest of the bridal party in cabs.

Is There an Order for the Bridal Party to Arrive

The ushers should be first to arrive, then the guests. Shortly before the ceremony’s official start, the groom and best man should arrive. Next comes the bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride and finally the bride and her father make their big entrance!

Should We Decorate the Wedding Car?

This is completely up to the bride and groom, but if you’re using a beautiful hire car, it’s probably not a great idea to decorate with silly string and toilet paper! As long as the car has been stocked with champagne and flowers, you can be sure the bride and groom will leave happy.