What’s The Difference Between A Chauffeur Service And A Taxi Service?

Chauffeur Service

Difference Between A Driver And A Chauffeur

Whilst it might seem like a chauffeur is just the same as a taxi driver, the two are completely different. Whilst both will collect and take you to the destination you require, the service you receive will be completely different.

Understanding the difference between chauffeur drivers and taxi drivers, will help you to make a more informed decision about the type of service you want to choose. Below we go through a number of the main things that both services provide and how they differ from each other.

Level of Service

Taxi drivers are there to get the job done, their job exists to get you from A to B and back again if necessary. A driver will arrive when they are required to and will take you to a vehicle that is most likely their own. Whereas a chauffeur taxi driver is more than just a man behind the wheel, he’s a professional who’ll ensure you arrive on time and in a vehicle that represents you.

When you choose a professional chauffeur, he will carry luggage to and from the building for you. They’ll also provide you with a friendly and professional meet and greet service, that’s tailored around the chauffeur service you require. An eagle eyed chauffeur will be able to provide you with advice about the best things to see and do in the city you're travelling in.


Most taxi drivers will undergo initial training, and this is designed to ensure they are competent at driving and can provide a basic level of service to their customers. Once they have their driver license they are free to provide taxi services as they see fit.

Most chauffeurs taxi drivers will undergo extensive training that focuses on providing a high level of service as well as professional and safe driving. At Van Marle, all of our chauffeur drivers undergo thorough training to ensure they provide a high level of customer service to our clients.

Pride In Their Work

A taxi driver is there to do a job and once they’ve completed that job they’ll move onto the next one. Taxi drivers are usually prompted by money, meaning they will take any type of job then move straight on to the next as quickly as possible.

When you hire a luxury chauffeur taxi, you will only receive the level of service that you pay for, which when you choose Van Marle is always a first class service. All of our chauffeurs take pride in their work and commitment to our clients. Our chauffeurs at Van Marle are all well presented and will have a crisp and clean uniform. Taking pride in their work they’ll ensure that the highest level of service is provided to ensure your expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Choice Of Vehicles

When you order a taxi you’re not going to know what vehicle is going to turn up. Imagine going to a professional business meeting and turning up in a 16 seater minibus. Will the vehicle you receive as part of a taxi service, really represent you and the requirements you need it for?

At Van Marle, our clients are able to choose from a range of executive and luxury vehicles when they choose us for our chauffeur taxi services. All of our vehicles are modern and cleaned thoroughly before use to ensure our clients receive a high standard of vehicle. Whether you’re on a business trip or you need vehicles for your wedding day, we have a great selection of vehicles to choose from.