VIP Greeter Service London

Whether arranging transport for an important client, or you have a tight schedule for an ongoing flight, Van Marle can provide a meet & assist service with a VIP greeter at London Heathrow and London Gatwick airport.

The greeter will wait by the aircraft (displaying a signboard) and escort the client between the aircraft and the London chauffeur service’s driver, with the additional benefit of fast-track through immigration.

The VIP greeter service is available in each direction – from arrival at the terminal building drop-off zone, through to check-in and security, and onward’s to the departure gate.

Each greeter can escort up to 4 travellers, with larger groups requiring 2 or more greeters. Which works great when using our luxury minibus hire to transport your group on to their destination.


The ‘gate-to-gate service’ is for connecting flights, especially useful when on a tight schedule. However should the passenger need to change terminals, which involves passing in and out of security, the greeter will travel from Terminal to Terminal with the client.

The terminals are spread over a wide distance, and so there is the option of a tarmac transfer service (the clients stay ‘airside’ and are moved internally inside the airport grounds). We can also arrange one of our vehicles to transport you between terminals.

These VIP Greeter service’s are essentially an arrival service combined with our departure service.

If you are transferring from Heathrow to Gatwick airport we can arrange VIP greeter service for both airports.

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VIP Greeter Bookings in London

Please be aware that our Meet and Assist service including the VIP greeter are very popular and take careful planning and preparation. We ideally require at least 2 days to organise these services. When dealing with last minute/urgent bookings we are charged a premium by our greeter operatives, which is an additional 50%. Also available in conjunction with our London chauffeur services.


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