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Safe Transport in Major Cities: Coronavirus

Chauffeur Hygiene Coronavirus

There has been increased attention on this in recent weeks, with the unsettling spread of the coronavirus around the world. As one of London’s leading chauffeur companies, our team at Van Marle are taking precautionary steps in training all of our reliable and professional chauffeurs to ensure that they are following the correct safety procedures, for both our clients and themselves.

As distributed by the Transport for London (TFL) we are undergoing the strict regulations for an enhanced cleaning regime to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus.

London Chauffeurs and Coronavirus

If there is ever an instance that one of our chauffeurs become aware that they have been in contact with an infected individual, our chauffeur will immediately self-isolate and withdraw from service. We have advised our chauffeurs to be cautious with personal and vehicle hygiene procedures, including monitoring their own health first.

Once a chauffeur has dropped off a client, before cleaning a vehicle the chauffeur will first wash his hands thoroughly. Having completed this procedure, our chauffeur will wash his hands thoroughly. Having completed this procedure, they will then focus on the sanitisation of the vehicle.

A clean car not only eases your mind of Coronavirus, it is also a sign of a responsible driver. It also shows that we are willing to go the extra mile to provide an excellent service for our customers. The cleanliness of our cars will give you all the faith that our team of professional chauffeurs will get you to your destination in a hygienic and safe manner.

Vehicle Hygiene Procedure

Before we escort a new client or before a new client enters the vehicle, our chauffeurs will sanitise the seats, door handles and all surfaces where the previous passenger had contact. Once the car has been completely sanitised, the chauffeur will then wash his hands again.

Here at Van Marle, we always use cleaning shampoos, interior cleaners and polishers that are made especially for cars, we are very particular about using good quality glass and wheel cleaners.

Coronavirus Procedures from our Chauffeurs

At Van Marle we can guarantee our chauffeurs will carry out the following hygiene routines and procedures in order for safe travel to all of our clients around London. These will include the following procedures…

The Greeting Procedure

Upon arrival at your car, your chauffeur will offer you hand sanitisers and wipes. He will refrain from contact with you by way of shaking hands.

Sit Behind the Chauffeur

During a pandemic, chauffeur driven travel should be relatively safe. Nevertheless a car is an enclosed space. There have been no studies, but experts recommend the safest place to sit is directly behind your chauffeur.

Magazines and Newspapers

The World Health Organisation warned that banknotes and coins may develop into a public health risk as they change hands frequently, picking up bacteria and viruses along the way. THis is why we do not offer daily papers or magazines while the virus is a current threat. Magazines and newspapers are everyday objects in which we touch, this could easily lead to spreading the coronavirus.

In addition to these procedures our team of professional chauffeurs will also carry out the following:

  • Handshakes will be avoided until further notice.
  • Newspapers and magazines will be removed until further notice.
  • Anti-virus wipes will be used to clean all vehicle interiors between passenger changes. Our chauffeurs will focus on the primary areas which include: Interior door panel, all handles, windows, locks, door storage areas, cup holders, power cords, seats, exterior door handles, and children’s car seats.
  • Our team will wear gloves when supporting clients with luggage, reassuring passengers.
  • Only offer sealed refreshments and immediately remove the remaining packets with gloves after the journey is completed.

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