Chauffeur Driven BMW 7 Series in London


Hire a Chauffeur Driven BMW 7 series

Arrive in ultimate style, comfort and refinery when you hire our chauffeur driven BMW 7 series, Van Marle utilise the highest spec BMW 7 series in the UK. The passengers will enjoy our limo spec BMW 7 series, with split rear seating, reclining rear seats and electric foot rest. The passengers experience is further enhanced with starlight panoramic roof, mood lighting, refreshments and a full rear entertainment system with integrated tablet, TV tuner, DVD player and Wi-FI connectivity. Hire our chauffeur driven BMW 7 Series today!

Chauffeur Driven BMW 7 series

We would just be a hire company without our professional chauffeurs, our chauffeurs bring with them decades of experience providing personal chauffeur services to a host of VIPs from across the globe, so you can rest assured that your driver will take care of you and your family / friends with as much as care as he would his own.

BMW Interiors - Executive Cars
BMW Cream Interior - Luxury Cars

A World-class Luxury Car

Combining BMW’s world-renowned engineering with an unprecedented commitment to comfort, the 7 Series has earned a reputation as the luxury car of choice for the world’s leaders in industry, commerce and government. It has been voted the chauffeur industries favourite saloon several times and offers not only a spacious interior for the passenger but a generous amount of cargo space for their luggage.

Stepping into the car’s spacious interior, it’s easy to see why. Resplendent in full leather upholstery, few cars provide the same kind of relaxing ride as this one.

Always in pristine condition and with a range of additional features designed to help you work, rest and play, the BMW 7 Series is the perfect luxury vehicle for business engagements, city-to-city transfers or a host of other occasions.

3 Passengers 2 Large Luggage 2 Small Luggage

3 Passengers

3 passengers in comfort along with 2 large cases and 2 items of hand luggage.

Free Bottled Water

Free Bottle Water

All our chauffeur driven vehicle include free bottled water for your comfort.

Free Wifi

4G Wifi Service

Wifi service available in-car so you can continue to surf and work on the move.

Free Child Seats

Child Seats Available

Child seats and baby seats are available at no extra charge upon request.

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