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Bentley Mulsanne Hire London

If you are in need of car hire in London yet looking for luxury and refinement then be sure to choose Van Marle’s Bentley Mulsanne; powerful, beautiful and handcrafted to exceptional standards.

Our Bentley fleet has been carefully selected and each car is in perfect condition to ensure that your chauffeur hire experience is unrivalled. It is fair to say that Bentleys are both sleek and spacious but can still compete with a top of the range sports car as well.
Speak to one of our team today to discuss your requirements and the team will be happy to assist in helping choose the perfect Bentley car hire to suit your exacting needs.

Luxury Bentley Car Hire

The prestigious Bentley marks the highest standard of British excellence in luxury cars. As part of our first-class service, our Bentley and personal drivers are great for any big events or occasions you have in the UK.

The car of choice for executives who enjoy only the very best when it comes to class, comfort, and style, the Bentley offers everything you’d expect from a world-class luxury vehicle, and then some.

After creating a stunning first impression thanks to its elegant design and beautiful exterior, you and your party will be even more impressed by the splendor and lavish space afforded by the plush interior. Once on the road, the wonders of modern motor engineering will ensure that you move across Britain’s roads smoothly and without any annoying road noise.
Further adding to the enjoyment of your journey, we provide a range of in-car work and entertainment features, so on long journeys you can relax with a film or take care of important business.

All of this, not to mention the perfectly dressed, politely spoken, professionally accredited personal driver who’ll be there to chauffeur you around, make the Bentley the car of choice for business engagements, airport transfers, weddings, excursions and a world of other business and leisure engagements.

Bentley Hire London

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Chauffeur Driven Bentley in London

Our chauffeurs bring with them decades of experience providing personal chauffeur services to a host of VIPs from across the world, so trust that your driver will ensure that you, your family and friends are comfortable.

Bentley Chauffeurs

Chauffeur Training

With a team of professional chauffeurs who can always be on hand, will provide dedication and commitment as well as a first-class chauffeur services. With decades of experience dealing with VIPs from across the globe. We further enhance our chauffeur's abilities with in-house training and advanced driving courses.

Bentley Chauffeur Cars

Bentley Mulsanne

A fleet of luxury chauffeur driven cars have all be selected based on their high standards. What's more is all of our vehicles ensure style, comfort and power. Our collections of cars includes top of the range chauffeur cars such as Mercedes, BMW and Range Rover.

Reliable Service

Chauffeur Services

Van Marle Chauffeurs pride ourselves on offering an unbeatable reliable service. We aim to make sure that our driving team can be on hand every step to the way, ensuring that you arrive at your location on time. We track our vehicle's location arrival time. We monitor flights and trains for delays or early arrival.

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3 Passengers 3 Large Luggage

3 Passengers

3 passengers in comfort along with up to 3 large items of your personal luggage.

Free Bottled Water

Free Bottle Water

Our chauffeur driven vehicles will offer you free bottled water.

Free Wifi

4G Wifi Service

Internet and Wifi is available in-car so you can work and browse on route.

Free Child Seats

Child Seats Available

We can provide child seats and infant seats should you need them.

Bentley Wedding Chauffeur Hire

For many years Bentley has been known for its style and luxury.

Our Bentley Mulsanne wedding car is just stunning and will definitely make a statement on your big day. With plenty of legroom for large wedding dresses, this Grey Bentley Mulsanne is spacious with lots of room for the bride’s wedding dress, as well as making sure that the groom looks smart in this one of a kind English limousine. With a grey finish, the Mulsanne will ensure that any wedding is a day to remember and cherish.


Why Choose a Bentley Mulsanne?

The Mulsanne is sporty and operates at 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds and at speeds of 184 mph, this is a truly powerful vehicle. The Grand Tourer can ride at 70 mph in silence, perfect for longer chauffeur-driven journeys. With a sportier nature, the Mulsanne is safe and comes with excellent braking power. Passengers can enjoy luxurious cabin’s atomosphere and enjoy the drive.

The Bentley Mulsanne is a touring vehicle that feels like you're being chauffeured in a limo. It has a Twin-Turbocharged V8 engine. The Mulsanne is a luxury chauffeur car and will ensure you have a journey to remember.

Why Choose Van Marle for Bentley Hire in London

We have been providing Bentley chauffeur hire services to clients in London and across the surrounding areas for a number of years. With years of experience and training, we have honed and developed all the skills and knowledge needed to ensure a professional service is provided. Having provided our range of chauffeur services to clients throughout London for many years, we have become well-known for the service we provide.

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To book your Bentley chauffeur and travel in the world-renowned style, call us today and speak to one of our team. Request a quote for Bentley Hire London.

Van Marle Chauffeurs Bentley Hire London. We the most luxury cars in the world. We could be riding in one to your next engagement thanks to Van Marle's chauffeurs.

VIPs, executives, celebrities and leaders the world choose the Bentley chauffeur car. With a sumptuous interior, you can relax in pure luxury. The gorgeous exterior oozes class and sophistication that few other cars can match. Our Bentley Mulsanne is in perfect condition. The professional chauffeur is well kept, well-presented and well-prepared to chauffeur you. Bentley Hire London is available whatever the occasion.

Driven by an experienced Bentley chauffeur, we are on hand to make your journey extra special. Van Marle will deliver the level of expertise you expect from a top provider of Bentley hire.

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