Professionally Trained

Van Marle has a team of experienced chauffeurs, with a minimum ten years' experience within the industry. Van Marle is committed to providing ongoing training for all their chauffeurs.  The programme is industry recognised through IQ, providing training in etiquette, best practices, first aid, working with security, convoy driving and most importantly customer services.

Training services are provided by our sister company the Chauffeur Training Academy, which was designed by professionals with over twenty years' experience in providing first class service to VIP's and their staff.

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First Aid

Van Marle always takes our responsibilities very seriously which is why all our drivers are first aid trained, first responder trained, so in the unfortunate event that their either a passenger or other road user should require their assistance, they have the skill sets to provide first aid.

The team were put through their paces in our training facilities to cover a range of eventualities, so in the unlikely event they are called to action they can take control of the situation and help to save lives.

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Convoy Driving

The team were taken on a course detailing the skills needed to work with a convoy, these skills are transferable when working with a convoy of two cars up to several vehicles operating at the same time.

Each driver took it in turn to experience the different positions in convoy and the different techniques involved with driving.

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Security Protocols

Security of our clients is paramount and our drivers are taken through protocols of working with close protection operatives and security teams. When working as a security chauffeur there are different procedures that need to be followed to protect the principal, our team were put through their paces by an experienced security operative.

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