Tips For Choosing Professional Chauffeurs

More and more people are opting to use a private chauffer for both personal and business use. Using a chauffeur can save you time, make travel less stressful and present a certain image about yourself to family, friends or colleagues.

However, there are a number of qualities you should look for before choosing a chauffeur. Some of the main qualities to look out for in a professional chauffeur service are reliability, professionalism and timekeeping. Below we go through some of the most important qualities and signs all professional chauffeurs should have.

Professional Chauffeur Hire


Any respected chauffeur or company should put the safety of their clients above all else. Drivers should be fully licensed and have a good understanding of road safety. Some chauffeur drivers will of even been put through professional training to demonstrate their driver skills and understanding of safety.

When choosing a chauffeur, consider the types of cars they drive. The cars themselves are a big part of safety buy also the way they handle. If a chauffeur is driving an executive or large car, then there likely to be highly skilled and more qualified to handle difficult driving situations. Assuring a clients safety is one of the biggest deciding factors for people looking for a chauffeur.


Any chauffeur who is experienced and professional, will understand the level of etiquette required for their role. Working closely with clients means they might be privy to conservations or information that are confidential. This means that discretion is one of the most important parts of being a chauffeur. Chauffeurs will usually adapt their behaviour and to suit each clients needs, whether their client is chatty or formal.

Chauffeurs will deal with clients from all works of life, from city businessmen to millionaires and much more. Communication is key for being a chauffeur and it’s important that they interact with clients in the right way. Usually during a first meeting you’ll be able to tell the etiquette of the chauffeur driver you choose.


Professional chauffeurs will always look clean, tidy and smartly dressed. The majority of chauffeurs and chauffeur companies will ensure their team look smartly dresses. A person that takes care in their appearance is more likely to take pride in the role they do.

But it’s not just the chauffeurs, the vehicle should also be of a smart appearance. Cars used for chauffeuring are typically cleaned and restocked before use. Professional chauffeurs and companies will ensure their vehicles are immaculate for any client wanting to travel with them.


There’s nothing worse than arriving late, and that’s why it’s important for chauffeurs to have good punctuality. Clients will usually have places to be and by a set time, so being late isn’t an option. Punctual chauffeurs will always allow for extra time to ensure your both collected and dropped off on time.

However, there are some occasions where being late can’t be helped, but the knowledge of an area a chauffeur has, should help to balance this out. One of the best ways to check how punctual a chauffeur is, is to check their reviews online or to try them for a short run journey.


Before choosing a chauffeur, it’s important to ask them about the knowledge of the area you’re planning on travelling in. Good chauffeurs will understand the local area and the best routes to take depending on what time of day it is. Knowing the area like the back of their hands will help to avoid lateness.

Choosing A Chauffeur

Understanding the points above will help you to make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing a chauffeur. At Van Marle, we have a team of professional chauffeurs who have years of experience and knowledge in the industry. We pride ourselves on offering a high standard of service and we ensure each and every one of our drivers are punctual, organised and dressed smartly. Get in touch today.