How a Chauffeur Service can Impress your Clients

Professional Chauffeur Services for Important Clients

In a world where first impressions are everything, corporate’s have long used chauffeur services as a way of ferrying their potential clients and existing business partners around. In recent years we have also seen the growth in popularity of chauffeur services among forward thinking SMEs who are tuned in to their benefits. So why are chauffeur services so good for business?

Chauffeur Service

Comfort and Space

One of the foremost reasons that a chauffeured pick up can make such a good impression is the luxurious level of comfort it provides the occupants with. The executive saloon cars typically used for chauffeur services offer a client a noticeably more comfortable ride compared to the hard seats of a rickety black cab, or the often-cramped confines of a mini cab. For an individual that might be extremely busy or have travelled far to visit, the extra degree of comfort and privacy will likely be remembered and appreciated.

At Van Marle we can facilitate a range of luxury journeys thanks to our chauffeur driven cars. This means that no matter what size of the group, they can offer the perfect VIP vehicle and experience. Cars in our fleet include; Mercedes V Class, Range Rovers, Luxury Minibus’ and many more, each have their own individual benefits. These include spacious boots, refrigerators, enhanced leg room, satellite navigation and modern safety technology.

A Dedicated Service

There are many customised elements in a chauffeur service, and possibly the most important is the journey itself, which takes the client from his or her preferred pick up spot to a specific destination. That means no more standing around waiting for a cab, and no risk of mixing up directions to a particular location.

V.I.P Treatments

Chauffeur services provide a friendly and professional driver who has been trained to address your clients respectfully and make them feel at home. When arriving in unfamiliar surroundings, this instant offering of warmth goes a long way to helping the client relax, and crucially, making them feel that they are being looked after. As we all know, guests must always be made welcome, and that is one of the key elements in forming good relations with visiting clients. A professional chauffeur can act as an extension of your work force, happily answering any questions that the client might have about the local area, and providing them with the reassurance that they are in good hands.

At Van Marle we pride ourselves on their prestige services. You can be confident that we will go the extra mile to ensure that your client’s experience is the best it can be. As an example, complimentary water and newspapers are provided to make clients feel completely at home. Not only do we have an excellent reputation but we are also aware that your journey can be reflected on you too. This is why we have a specially selected team of professionals and polite drivers to create a lasting impression.

Tailoring your Business Travel Service to Suit You

At Van Marle we are nothing like any other chauffeuring or taxi service. We are on hand to tailor each and every trip to suit you and your needs. If there’s a particular request you want us to fulfil to help deliver a lasting impression to your clients, just let us know.

Whether this is taking a certain route, having items ready in the car for you, or even just conversing in a personal way, we’ll make sure that your potential business client has no reason not to sign with you!

Make the Best Impression Possible

How you choose to get to your destination speaks volumes about you as a person. Nothing creates a better first impression than a professional chauffeur service. Chauffeur driven vehicles are perfect if you want to impress a long-coveted client, organise a glitch-free airport transfer or treat someone special to a wonderful night out. Attention is paid to even the smallest detail. You simply can’t make the same impression by booking a taxi or driving yourself. In addition, with Van Marle you have the added benefit of extra legroom with long wheel-based cars and also extra luggage space in our chauffeured vehicles.