Burford - gateway to the Cotswolds

Burford means - ‘a settlement defended by a ford’. The best place to settle for easy crossing of the river Windrush in the Cotswolds.
Burford is a beautiful medieval town with its High Street sloping down from the high Wolds. Beautiful views over the open countryside and down to the River Windrush. A medieval bridge with three arches crosses the river at the base of the hill. In Anglo-Saxon times the town grew to be an important crossroads and very wealthy wool town. Burford boasts one of the few almost complete Medieval High Streets.
Broad Main Street lined with beautiful old houses, ancient cottages and shops. The Town has little changed since Tudor times. As one can see by the precarious angles the buildings have come to rest at.
Wonderful little side streets to explore, old pubs and tearooms. Quench your thirst & hunger between endless antique shops. There is a varied and interesting collection of Antiques for those looking for something unusual.
The 15th century parish church of St. John Baptist is magnificent and is another sign of bye-gone riches based on wool. Outside the church gates is a row of alms houses with the date 1246 over one of the doors.
St Johns Church - OX18 4RY (15th century) which backs onto the river is a permanent memorial to Burford’s medieval wealth. This fine church is a real gem with many interesting memorials. Memorials to Burford's great families including Henry VIII’s barber surgeon. One of the earliest depictions of Native Americans and the ostentatious Tanfield tomb. Scratched on the baptismal font is Anthony Sedley, one of the Levellers, mutinous rebels in Cromwell’s army. Besieged in the church in 1649 they had to watch from the roof as their ringleaders were executed in the churchyard.
Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens OX18 4JJ
The Park is divided into four sections each with its own team of keepers to care for the animals in those areas.
Set in over 160 acres of beautiful parklands. The Park has a diverse collection of species, many of which are endangered in the wild. The Keepers are passionate about the animals in their care and love the opportunity to share their knowledge.
The gardens tended by a team of careful gardeners, make every corner beautiful and the cotswold Park a joy to visit.
A large range of planting styles have been developed, many of which link with the animal exhibits and take advantage of the various microclimates.
With the Victorian Manor House at the hub, a large walled garden and a wonderful collection of mature trees form the backbone of the landscape. The planting in and around the animal exhibits is an important part of the work and has encouraged the development of an extremely lovey, interesting Botanical Garden. – The Tropical House really turns the parl into a theatre of plants.
Recommended Restaurants & Cafes Burford
Huffkins, Burford, The Cotswolds- Excellent Quality, especially renowned for their afternoon teas.
Priory Restaurant, Burford, The Cotswolds. Rustic surroundings, great service & food (a favourite with our clients)
The Mermaid Inn, Burford, The Cotswolds. With its conservatory & enclosed courtyard – offering a varied menu including Fresh Fish dishes, Cream Teas or just Coffee.